• The state bureau of investigations opened a criminal case on the fact of threats and political persecution of a famous Ukrainian journalist
29 March 2019 13:30

Кiev: Ukrainian journalist Roman Revedzhuk reported that his life and health are under threat. According to the fact of a criminal offense, the State Bureau of Investigation initiated criminal proceedings and a pre-trial investigation is being conducted, reports Front News Inernational.

Threats and harassment began after he told the truth about presidential candidates Yulia Tymoshenko and Anatoly Gritsenko, focusing on their populist statements, as well as the unprofessional activities of Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov during the election period.

The attacker called on the live line of the TV channel "Kiev", where Revedzhuk was a guest in the studio, accusing the journalist of supporting the current President Petro Poroshenko, he reported about the persecution and physical violence against him. Because of the threats, the journalist appealed to law enforcement agencies, and in particular to the State Bureau of Investigation, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General's Office and asked to protect his life and health, as well as his family.

Video, in which video manipulations that discredit the journalist ". This was the reason for Revedzhuk to change his place of residence. He also said that now, because of this, he cannot be engaged in a professional journalistic activity in a stable mode.

"Yesterday I received a response from the Security Service of Ukraine with the wording of innocence, which people call it" unsubscribe ". Additionally he made a similar statement to the head of the National Police. And today, the RRT filed a criminal offense case and started a pre-trial investigation, "Revedzhuk told FNI.



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